About Success Beyond My Dreams, LLC

Success Beyond My Dreams, LLC was established in 2010.  The core of this organization is to work with like-minded people to achieve success while overcoming obstacles as their Success Coach.

Success Beyond My Dreams, LLC has been helping goal oriented individuals to build their dreams one task at a time. Whether it’s overcoming personal adversities, key points in being a single working parent in the world today, the pursuit of the education they’ve always wanted, and most importantly, building the financial empire they deserve. By following the same methods as Dr. Govan-Jenkins has, one can achieve success beyond their dreams and become a part of the movement; Success Beyond My Dreams.

Inner Strength, Wealth, and Happiness are the three principles we stand by.  Wanda and her team has successfully helped others to recognize their worth and to push pass obstacles that are hindering their happiness and growth.  As a result, mindsets have changed and businesses have flourished.


A Better You in Business


Who is Dr. Wanda Govan-Jenkins? About


Dr. Govan-Jenkins is a single mother of two young children who is having the best success of her life as she builds her organization, Success Beyond My Dreams, LLC.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master’s in Science in Nursing (MSN) Informatics, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP).  Dr. Govan-Jenkins is a native and also resides in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

While achieving the success she’s had, Dr. Govan-Jenkins enjoys helping others to do the same, no matter their obstacles. Dr. Govan-Jenkins has overcome obstacles of her own that could have led her down a different path.  Overcoming child molestation, infertility, a difficult marriage, and loneliness are just a few hurdles she pushed through to turn her obstacles into success.

Dr. Govan-Jenkins truly enjoys helping others to build their dreams. Whether it’s overcoming personal adversities similar to hers, key points in being a single working parent in the world today, the pursuit of the education you’ve always wanted, and most importantly, building the financial empire you deserve.  By following the same methods as she has, you too can overcome personal adversities and be part of the movement; success beyond my dreams.

While growing her business Dr. Govan-Jenkins would like to invite you to be one of her leaders no matter the goal or obstacle you wish to tackle. She will personally coach you to achieve the same success. Offering you a personal one on one connection to success. Her investment in your dreams and goals as your life coach becomes a part of her own success..

If you are viewing this site, you already have leadership qualities within you, but maybe you are too shy to step out there on your own, or afraid of possible rejections, or just feel like you have reached your maximum potential. Perhaps you are unsure of your own ability to succeed in your life.  Don’t let any fears or doubts stand in your way of achieving SUCCESS BEYOND YOUR DREAMS.  Amazing opportunities awaits you. With risk comes success; With success comes rewards.  Move out of your own way and reach for the stars.