Why I created the Myles Oil & Lotion?

For 2 years I went on a personal quest to find my son some relief from his eczema. I was completely and utterly frustrated with the steroid ointment, mixed creams ordered by the doctors, all the lotions I was told to purchase and those countless doctor visits I put him through.

No more waking up at night 2-3 times in an hour to scratch….

No more notes sent home from the teachers stating that he’s miserable in class due to constant itching….

No more being teased by classmates on a daily basis…..

No more crying on my shoulder because he was frustrated….

I decided then that I was going to make my own Oil and Lotion concoction; so I did. Since then, I have not had to purchase any other body lotions for Myles and Mayla. Although my eczema is under control I have been using my own concoction on myself and my skin has improved overall (soft, smooth and the aging process has slowed down tremendously).

Now for those that know Myles, you can attest that his eczema was out of control. I am please to say that his eczema is pretty much gone with no more itching, crying, being miserable, sleepless nights, etc.

After testing my NEW Product on a few people I realized that I was doing the world an injustice if I didn’t share my product with the world.

I ask that you share this product with anyone that could use it. Even if you don’t have eczema, simply watch how your skin will improve.

This new product is now on sale for purchase. If interested, have a question or to order, click the appropriate link.

I look forward to serving you.

Astonishing Before and After pictures of two affected areas on Myles skin are under the before and after tab since using the product that is named after him “Myles Oil & Lotion” ?.

1st picture: Left Wrist

2nd picture: Left Ankle

I thank God each day that he used me to help my son in this way.